Baking Without Butter

by Brenda on September 20, 2010

We’ve been going for a week and the response has been amazing.  Thank you.

One of the stories that had the biggest impact was the Zing bar story.  Not only did you all become savvy label readers and come face to face with misconceptions on the health benefits of soy, some of you even felt compelled to say bye-bye to your old energy bars and pay a few extra cents for a higher quality bar.  Bravo!

Change is hard and takes commitment.  Some of our apprehension around change comes from fear of the unknown.  To deal with that anxiety, we develop certain comforts so we don’t have to acknowledge the fear.  You may see this habit manifest in your weekly menu options–it’s taco night Tuesday or take-out Thursday.  Before we know it, we have become stagnant in our food choices and stopped ourselves from exploring.

I made a big change this weekend that wasn’t life altering, but rocked my own world.  I baked without butter.  I used to think baking without butter was not possible and that people who baked without it were crazy.  As it turns out, baking without butter is real and those butter-less bakers are not as crazy as I thought.  In fact, they are quite the opposite.  Take this woman’s blog, Karina, who calls herself the Gluten-Free Goddess.  She’s gifted.  I had seen my husband reading her blog for sometime and secretly dreaded the day he would ask me to bake him what I consider “alternative” baked goods.

What is it about non-traditional baked goods that I feared so much?  Why would I ever substitute butter for baking in the first place?  More importantly, what would that baking substitute be and how would it taste?

Fear stops us from doing many things in our lives.  It plagued me for years from stepping into the kitchen.  I’m still, by far, an amateur, and scared at times, but I try to beat it back with a frying pan.  Like many things in life, not knowing caused discomfort and apprehension.  As your advocate in all things food I must become fearless.  When something is outside my realm of expertise I must be ready to point you in the right direction.

This week I’m welcoming the Gluten-Free Goddess to my blog roll.  Aaron and I have made three recipes from her blog over the past few days and this won’t be the last time we bake or cook Karina’s recipes.

While I won’t ever stop loving butter, we’re going to separate for a little while.  It’s going to be rough, but we’ve got to try new things like we did with Karina’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins.  Not only were they super easy and yummy, they filled our house with rich aromas of cinnamon and pumpkin spices long after the muffins were done.  Hop on over to the Gluten Free Goddess and make yourself a batch today.

Hope you all will join me tomorrow as my husband will be a guest blogger and share his experience and outlook on the challenges and joys of food allergies.

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